Smart Tips About How To Plan A Vacation In Spain

Looking for some tips about how to plan a vacation in Spain? This article will help you about planning your trip to the Land of the Siesta. If you want to enjoy a more laid back kind of life, Spain could the best destination on your next vacation. Just take note, however that daily life is slow in Spain, and it runs rather late. Store hours are limited in most parts of this country. These are precisely some of the things that you should understand about the Spanish perspective. The Spanish people go by the rules of moving slowly, eating well and relaxing and simply enjoying yourself. It is through this credo that Spain as a country has inculcated so much character. Revel in the beauty and dynamism of Spain on your vacation.

Attractions In Spain

If you want to visit energetic and hip cities, you can take a trip to Barcelona and Madrid. In Granada, you can have a glimpse of the distinctive Moorish touch. Take some time off from the beaten track and visit the splendid Basque Country. August is a favorable time to have a vacation in Spain, particularly in the great town port of Valencia. At that time of the year in Bunol, heaves of crowds gather to celebrate the tomato-throwing festival. A quick day out to the Canary Islands or Ibiza is an undeniably delightful experience. The list is endless for beautiful and unique places to visit in Spain.

Food And Accommodation

It’s actually more economical to vacation in Spain than in other Western European countries. Accommodation is cheaper as well. You can stay in a hostel which costs somewhere from 15 EUR to 30 EUR in Madrid or Barcelona that are major cities in Spain. A hostel private room double accommodation costs about 40 EUR per night. These are the starting rates by far and it goes up from there if you pay for a room in a budget hotel. Accommodation is even lesser when you take a trip to smaller towns.

How much does food cost in Spain? For 3 to 7 EUR, you can buy sandwich meals or tapas. If wine is included in your meal, it’ll cost you 10 to 13 EUR per meal. At 13 EUR, you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant while appetizers and drinks with paella cost about 22 EUR. Dining out in an expensive restaurant in Spain will have you paying about 27 EUR. Fast food in Maoz or McDonalds costs approximately 6 EUR. Your groceries for one week would typically cost you 30 EUR.

Transportation And Activities

Spain is efficient in their different modes of transportation. For every trip via the city metro or bus line, expect to pay 1 to 3 EUR. Renfe, Spain’s train system is more expensive. If you’re taking a more popular route via a high speed train, prepare to pay somewhere from 50 to 140 EUR. There are slower trains in other regions of the country, too. Every trip costs 15 to 45 EUR. If you’re having an inter-city trip in Spain, you can take an overnight bus with far costing about 18 EUR. It’s the most economical inter-city option.

10 Smart Tips for Enjoyable Vacations on Beaches


When tourists go for an outing near a beach, it is better to take some precautions so that they can spend quality time with their friends and families. The nature always comes with glorious uncertainties and surprise events. So, if the visitors take sufficient caution, they are able to get a feel of what the beaches are during the summer seasons. In this article, we would be looking at the tips the beach revellers should follow to make their existence near the sea-shore tenable. People who have chosen to ignore are at the risks of getting affected by the conditions in the sea.

1. Always take a bath after a visit to the beach. It is to make sure that the salt from the salt water is not there on the surface of the body. The salt deposit on the skin may cause allergic reactions.

2. Always follow the instructions displayed near the beach to understand the sea conditions in the locality.

3. Always go only up to the permissible distance from the sea-shore to avoid the undercurrents in the sea. When you are on the shore, you can stay put on the ground to escape the under current.

4. When you go to the sea, make sure that you wear only the minimal dress. If you don’t do that, your cloth might get spoiled due to the exposure to the salt.

5. You should always play the sea games or activities near the people. Always listen to what the life guards patrolling the shore say about the sea.

6. If you lose your child near the shoreline, try to follow the wind to reach the child. The children always follow the route which offers least resistance. This happens only in the wind flow direction.

7. Always keep the baby powder with you. After the bath in the normal water, try to put this baby powder on the body surface to remove the remaining speckles of salt from it.

8. You should keep a small bottle containing vinegar with you. It would help you to treat yourself if you get a sting from crabs and other marine creatures.

9. If you plan for a long beach-front activity, make sure that you eat less food and drink more water so that you don’t get tired. Always keep electrolyte-containing liquids nearby as a precautionary measure to treat the possible sunstroke.

10. Don’t always stay under the sun. You should periodically give the body some time to cool off.

5 Popular Things to Do in Jimbaran, Bal

Jimbaran is a must visit destination in Bali with its beautiful coastlines, beaches and seafood dinners. For the traveler to Jimbaran, the best way to relax is to enjoy the local beaches. But, this isn’t only a destination to relax, lay and swim on the beach; there are also plenty of other attractions that aren’t too far away. Here are five of the popular things to do in Jimbaran.

Uluwatu Temple

One of Bali’s most iconic landmarks is the Uluwatu Temple (also called Pura Luhur Uluwatu) which helps to create a stunning setting that is surrounded by coastal forest and inhabited by the long-tailed macaques. This is also a great destination for those that want to experience the wonder of Bali’s dramatic sunsets. Other great attractions in the local area include the open amphitheatre that is just 100 meters from the temple and is a perfect spot to admire the fire dance performances that take place on a daily basis.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park covers an area of nearly 250 hectares and is an open-air and multi-purpose site. There are plenty of exhibits and cultural performances to visit throughout the park. There is also the gigantic statue of the Hindu God Vishnu which stands in the region of 145 meters.

New Kuta Green Park

The New Kuta Green Park is a great leisure and fun zone that is intended for the entire family, with outdoor activities available like lazy rivers, slides and pools. In addition to the exhilarating rides and water slides, there are also plenty of other games to get the adrenaline flowing including the paintball battlefield, vertical bungee and the 200 meter flying fox rides. Plus, there are plenty of food stalls throughout the park serving western and Indonesian dishes.

Padang Padang Beach

One of the most popular sites for the surfer is Padang Padang beach (also called Pantai Labuan Sait) and gives easy access to 100 meter stretch of sand. While the surf is more practical for the experienced riders, the beach is a great destination for the entire family to play and relax. The beach is accessed down a flight of stairs which often have the long-tailed macaques playing. Additionally, there are plenty of food stalls serving refreshments and light meals throughout the day.

Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay is a traditional fish market where a vast majority of the fresh fish is sourced in southern Bali. This is a perfect market to find all types of fresh seafood from the rare mahi-mahi to the common red snapper. Because of the fish market, there are plenty of dishes in the local seafood cafe and hotels that are heavily influenced by fish. If you arrive at the market early in the morning, it’s possible to watch as the fishermen start to unload their catch of live fish.

Travel Destination Tips

Destination tips serve as a guide for a luxury vacation. Always remember the reason as to why you want to travel. Remember that travelling is always a good idea. It helps you see the world in a new and different perspective. You get a glimpse of their must try and to die for cuisines and the different tourist destinations.

Remember these travel destination tips when planning a trip.

Be open-minded. Try to learn about the place that you want to go to. With Internet access, it is very possible to get a grasp of what to expect from that place.

Be creative and consider underdogs: Try to pick locations that aren’t very familiar with tourists and be a little creative when visiting their tourist spots.

Be decisive: Don’t let peer pressure get to you. If your friends tell you that they’re going to visit the Eiffel tower and you’ve plan to visit the Maldives go for your first choice. Never regret so you don’t miss out on what you could experience in a certain place.

Ask yourself why: Remember to ask yourself the reason why you want to go there. Is it because you want to do some soul searching? Are you trying to reconnect with an old flame? Whatever maybe your purpose you always have to be definite because this will help you choose the perfect places to travel to.

Remember to remember: When travelling to a different place don’t forget to research about their culture and traditions. Furthermore, keep your valuables handy. Don’t let them out of your sight when travelling so better make sure that all of your must haves are in your travel pack.

Safe choices aren’t bad choices: If you want to travel but are having second thoughts about your safety and the location of your chosen place. Don’t worry and stop bugging yourself. If you feel like going to a different location is a perfect fit for you then try to choose the location where your heart is set in.

Go solo: You may wish to travel in groups but sometimes you must not be afraid to go alone. Going alone doesn’t mean you’re desperate or lonely. It will help you discover your abilities to be independent. You get to explore more places on your own without the hassle of worrying about your companions.

Don’t miss out on the backyard: Different places have different must try locations. They might offer pretty souvenirs or trinkets, their delicacies, and everything else in between. These little backyards will help you learn more about the place you are in.

Budget options: It doesn’t necessarily mean that when budget is tight you would not be able to enjoy different places and attractions. Try to choose the places where you spend less but enjoy a lot more. There are a lot of destinations right now that are not too expensive but have a wide array of travel and tour packages.

Ready To Travel? Don’t Forget Your Travel Pillow

With time, traveling has become a part of our lives. To whatever occupation we belong we have to travel often or occasionally, people now a days also take it as a hobby and want to explore more of the world. In any case professionally or as a hobby if we have to travel we surely want it to be comfortable and relaxing so when we are ready to go to our meeting or to visit our most desired place we are fresh and energetic.

With the progress in every field of life we have thousands of options to choose from the travel accessories if we want to make our journey comfortable or even safe. Out of all these accessories, the one that is a basic necessity is the one that makes sure we are very relaxed during our flights or other travels by having proper sleep and that is a travel pillow. These pillows are specially made for the people who travel frequently. Many people are the victims of neck stiffness and headaches after a travel. Travel pillows are a nice addition to their luggage to get rid of these conditions.

Mostly these pillows are designed keeping an eye on the fact that you can’t take loads of luggage with you so they are foldable or inflatable to take less space and not only provide you with comfort but ease of packing also. Some of them are of smaller sizes to make it easy to pack and come with their own bags and straps to attach to your traveler bags.

Materials like PVC are mostly used to make these pillow, as it makes them easy to be used for beach tours and dusty places too. These are not only used in traveling but can also be used in your visits to the beaches as you take sun baths or read books, your head will be in a comfortable position. You can get custom covers for your travel pillow or can even make your own to make it more beautiful. Mostly cotton or polyester covers are used for travel pillows.

Travel pillows aren’t only used in the flights as the people who travel in a vehicle have more space as compared to people in the flights but it is generally possible to take full-sized pillows with you and full-sized pillows can’t be adjusted while traveling in vehicles. So you can buy the pillows which are specially made for this purpose, these pillows are smaller as compared to the full ones and adjustable unlike the standard pillows. These have removable covers to make them easily washable. These are small so can easily be taken to the hotel rooms and used a regular pillows, these are better option for the people who don’t want to use hotel pillows or who like to keep extra pillows with them.

After using the travel pillows they can be washed or cleaned with some anti septic spray and when they are dry they can be packed to be used for you next traveling expedition.

My Favourite Places in All the World

If it’s good enough for Lonely Planet, it’s good enough for me. That’s often been my rule of thumb in judging the merits of kinda dodging looking hostels and dubious modes of transport in the world’s more remote reaches. And since Lonely Planet always releases an annual Best in Travel list, I figure I can do one too – albeit with the knowledge that such lists are obviously highly subjective and instrinsically pretty self indulgent.

With those disclaimers out of the way, and without further ado, here it is:



Beaches, mountains, plenty of spice, an abundance of easy transport options, not so many other tourists. Throw in layer upon layer of fascinating history and culture, a generally pretty laid back vibe, super friendly people, a pretty favourable exchange rate, and you’ve got my vote.


One of my most memorable travel days ever happened here – we flew in a tiny plane over two active volcanoes and a heart-shaped reef, watched land diving on Pentecost Island, ate fresh fish for lunch in a thatched hut in a tiny village and swam with dugongs. Need I say more?


I might be biased here because we lived here for 6 months, but it’s pretty knock out as far as travel destinations go. Highest mountain in the world, teahouse trekking, ancient history and colourful, living cultural traditions. And some really gorgeous handmade toys for kids to bring home with you.


For colour and chaos right alongside vastness and introspection, you can’t beat Morocco. Except for maybe…


What’s there to say? Mother India – you love her or you’re terrified of her. I just want to be smooshed into her ample, sweaty, kind of smelly bosom. And fill my entire house with as much of the beautiful, vibrant, handcrafted treasures that she brings to life like no where else.


The spice and pizazz of Spain but with way less people and a slightly less coiffured feel.


Home of pasta. If I wasn’t Australian, I’d like to be Italian. Enough said.


You can’t ask for more colour, culture, camera candy or pretty much anything else a traveller is looking for than Peru serves up.


From the lunar looking landscape of Cappadocia to the tremendous coast of Bodrum and beyond, and the world-in-a-city of Istanbul, Turkey deserves the big wrap that everyone who’s been there gives it. And then some.


It’s heartbreaking and it’s hard, but a trip to Zimbabwe ranks among my most significant travel experiences for being moved to feel and learn and reconsider and reflect and respond. That’s an experience worth having. And there is some cool stuff to see too!

The Best Tips to Enjoy Your Travel

Having some time to unwind is a good thing. You may travel to any place you would like to be, where you could find peace and serenity, as well as having some fun and adventure. There are different tips you may consider in order to have a perfect weekend travel and leisure.

Know first where you would like to travel. Pick the best place where all your personal needs can be accommodated. If you want to have some relaxation, you can try staying in a hotel or even have a spa or a body massage.

If you are looking for a fun and extreme adventures, you may go to entertainment areas like amusement parks, have bungee-jumping or even try zip lining. If you are a nature lover, you may try to go to a place where there are waterfalls, beaches, underground caves, and rivers.

Another tip in order to have an enjoyable travel is to plan and prepare the things you need to bring. You can make a list of the things to bring, so you will not be able to forget anything. Bring toiletries, extra clothes, your personal gadgets like smartphones and digital cameras, and the most important is your money.

You really have to spare some money for your travel. Make sure that you will bring extra money, so you won’t end up without a single bill or coin in your pocket. If you will travel to another country, you will really need a big budget for that.

Never forget to bring a map on your travel and leisure. If you don’t have a map, you can use your smartphone to locate the exact location on where you will go and on how to go to that particular place. For example, if you are going on mountain climbing, you must use your map to know the routes you shall take to be able to get there.

You shall study your transportation options to reach your destination. Will you need to ride a taxi, train, or bus? Think through the means of transportation you shall use, and on how much time you will be able to consume to reach the place.

Never forget to take pictures and videos while travelling. Bring digital cameras that have high pixels and resolutions. You may also use your smartphone if in case you do not have a camera. After your travel, you can share them on your social media accounts.

Instagram is one of the best apps you can use. Your friends and family will be very happy to see the places where you have gone to because they have not yet been to these places. Make sure that your storage has free spaces so you can take as many photos and videos as you want.

Travel and leisure can give you time to relax, unwind and make your mind and spirit be calm. You shall spend some time for yourself. Consider these different things when planning for your travel. Capture the best moments so you will have a remembrance of your adventures.

What to Pack for Your Beach Holiday

With the warm weather still among us, a beach holiday is the ideal gateway from the busy life in the city. Whether it be a three day or week long vacation, preparation is key, so don’t let the sun burn you up. Sit back and soak up the heat in style, from swimwear to breezy eveningwear with our must-pack beach holiday list:

Bare Necessities:

· Travel-size toiletries: Depending on the length of your holiday, pack the necessary toiletries from shampoo to feminine hygienic products. In addition, map out the closest grocery store in case an emergency strikes!

· Cosmetics and skincare products: With the heat beating down on you, don’t forget to moisturize and take care of your exposed skin (including a strong sunscreen!).

· Medicine: Pack over the counter medicine for common health-related problems that may arise

The attire

· Beach Ready Outfits:

o Swimwear: More likely than not, you will be swimsuit-clad for the better half of your vacation, so pick some key pieces that you can match. Limit the number of swimming suits to three. If you’re a two-piece wearer, opt for choices that can allow you to mix and match for added variety.

o Cover-ups: pack no more than two sundresses or cover-ups. These are a great option for when you want to remain in your swimsuit whilst going about other short beach-related adventures! Opt for a swim dress to combine your swimsuit and cover-up in one piece!

o Flip flops: Waddle around the sand and sea shells with everyone’s go-to beach footwear!

o Floppy Beach Hat: Pack a floppy beach hat to keep the sun away as you lounge about!

· Evening Wear:

o Loose maxi dresses and skirts: For nights on or off the beach, when you want to

o Jeans, t-shirts, and blouses: For day and night-time loungewear as you relax away in peace and tranquillity.

o Light-weight jacket and/or pashmina: Be prepared if the evening breeze turns a few degrees south without sacrificing comfort!

o Wedges: Heels and stilettos might pose a few difficulties as you stroll along, pack a pair of wedges for a comfortable yet stylish look.

· Everyday Adventure Outfits:

o Gym clothes: Even if you aren’t planning on working your guns, moisture-wicking gym attire is light-weight and easy to wear for tropical adventures, and don’t forget trainers!

There could be possibly more items to pack for your holiday depending on the destination, climate, and needs of each traveler. Yet, don’t forget these key items no matter where you travel to.

Automate Travel Business Using Tour Software

Automation takes place everywhere, whether it is a small business or large business. An industry like tourism needs a boost up with automation thus it is one of the most efficient revenue making sectors all over the world. Creating an online offshoot of your business will be easier to handle.

Making the Travel Industry Simpler and Better

Being in the travel industry means handling big requests. You have people who want to travel to places all across the globe, sometimes spending thousands of dollars for the perfect vacation. Running this type of industry is extremely difficult, which is why a travel booking software is important to all who need it. This will automate the travel business so that everyone gets what they want. The customers have a much more satisfying experience and your job has fewer complexities. You are able to work and gain the most from the services you offer with a much smaller personal investment.

Visitor and Customer Satisfaction

Your own visitors and customers are going to take much more away from this experience. A travel booking PHP script can make stream lines, simplifies, and automates everything. When they go to book something, such as a hotel reservation, they can do so immediately. They have no reason to wait around and no time lost. This also means that they enjoy using your site more, are more likely to come back, and are able to pay you right away. You, as the business owner and site owner, have the most to gain from our travel booking software. It increases profits and general satisfaction with the services that you provide.

Administration Made Easy

For your end of the job, management and upkeep, you do not have to worry. These are ready-made travel booking sites that focus on keeping everything simple and straightforward. You can get your site up and running and you can manage it all with little effort. These types of software have everything that you need to make changes, to customize, and to improve the way that your site looks or runs. You do not have to have detailed and complete knowledge of coding or site management to use our travel booking script clone successfully. Anyone can do this, even with limited to no experience.

All of the tools that you need are integrated in a travel software to automate and improve your website. A travel booking web portal script can help you to get money immediately, take less work off your shoulders, and give a boost to customer satisfaction. With multiple options, such as hotel booking software, you can personalize it around the needs of your travel business to gain the most from these benefits. You can see people far happier with you as well as more likely to come back, and all thanks to the travel tour script that you have in place.

PHP Travel Script is a web application software developed and designed by a Bangladesh based web development company Eicra Soft Limited. This software can take you to online in a minute by just installing it.

I’m Going to Cuba – And Other Adventures!

Cuba has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve always wanted to see the country as it is now, frozen in the 1950’s, unchanged while the rest of the world moved forward. My husband, Barry, didn’t want to go so my best friend Pat and I booked a trip with the League of Women Voters before President Obama’s visit. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because regulations had suddenly changed, a typical problem when dealing with the Cuban government. When we were notified that the problems were resolved and a trip was scheduled for May, we didn’t hesitate. In fact, we may have been the first travelers to send in our registration.

This is not the first time a planned trip was cancelled. Many years ago, Barry and I were all set to leave for Israel with a tour group when one of the many wars broke out between Israel and Palestine. A couple of years ago, we had to cancel an Eastern European River Cruise when I broke my heel (I tripped over a computer cord) and wouldn’t be out of the cast in time for the trip. Thank goodness we had trip insurance and were able to reschedule for another time. It was a marvelous experience traveling down the Blue Danube River (it wasn’t very blue) and seeing the Eastern European cities which were still recovering from years under Russian rule.

It’s a good thing I buy trip insurance because I had to use it to cancel a trip and get a refund for a cruise to Greece and the Greek Islands. This was another trip that Pat (who I have known since we were nine years old) and I were planning together. I was leaving from the Rochester airport because we were living at our cottage on one of the Finger Lakes for the summer. My suitcase was half packed and I was counting down the last 48 hours before it was time to leave when I decided to water a plant hanging outside the front door at ten o’clock at night. I reached up with the watering can and started to pour when, suddenly, a bat flew out of the plant, the tip of its winging scratching the right side of my cheek. And, you guessed it; I had to get rabies shots over a period of weeks, which meant I wasn’t going to see Greece this time.

Breaking bones is also something I do on a regular basis. Years ago, Barry and I escaped a Rochester, New York winter with a week’s vacation on St. John’s Island. We had a wonderful, restful week in the sun and on the beaches until the very last night. We went for dinner and walked home in the dark over a cobblestone sidewalk. I caught my shoe on something and fell forward, breaking the little finger on my left hand and bashing the left side of my face into the cobblestones.

We decided to visit the St. John’s emergency room where a doctor took an ex-ray, held it up to the overhead light and affirmed what we already knew; the finger was broken. He said I’d need surgery on it but we decided to go home and see the doctor in Rochester. He gave me a horse pill for pain that we thought we might be able to sell on the street for a good sum (I was afraid to take it). By the next morning, I had a black eye and swollen purple bruises across the left side of my face. We took the scheduled plane home later that morning and Barry stayed at least three feet in front of me, afraid he would be blamed for my beat-up appearance. Our first stop after the plane landed in Rochester was the hospital emergency room. I didn’t need surgery but it was a close call.

Pat and I have traveled together before; once to Antigua, Guatemala where we were immersed in Spanish lessons. She studied all day but I took the afternoons off to roam the city. I made the mistake of showing an interest in the young women who were selling woven table runners, tablecloths, blankets and placemats so I had an entourage following me everywhere I went. Finally I purchased something from each of them so they would go away. The only mishap we had in Antigua was the eruption of the local volcano which was about a half-hour drive from the city. Fortunately, the lava only went down the sides of the mountain so we were safe. It was an amazing site from the roof of a local restaurant. We were actually in more danger on New Year’s Eve when the local citizens all gathered right outside our B & B window to celebrate. That’s when we realized we were right in the middle of the city and there were no regulations on fireworks! We joined the crowd for a short time but left after several fireworks went off within two feet of our feet. Explosions and small fires continued until the wee hours.

Pat also joined Barry and I and another friend on my dream trip, an African animal safari. Except for a few days of traveler’s disease, I didn’t get sick. Barry, on the other hand, developed a major case of what he called “risk desensitization”. The first risk situation was immediately after our arrival when we were told our post trip to Madagascar had been cancelled because Americans were being kidnapped. The second risk desensitization came when our guide stopped in the middle of a heavily forested area to view a lion. We had been swatting away flies for ten minutes when the guide said we probably better go since those were tsetse flies which carry sleeping sickness. Barry’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. For a change, I knew enough to keep my mouth shut.

By the time we encountered the third risk, Barry was pretty desensitized. At our second hotel stop, we went for a walk before dinner, admiring the herds of zebras and elephants at a watering hole far below us. Then we came to a small post that was about four feet high. In the middle of the post was a button and the words printed above it were Panic Button. It didn’t take much imagination to know what this meant. Barry shrugged his shoulders and looked pretty calm. I, on the other hand, kept turning around to be sure we weren’t being stalked by some hungry animal.

The fourth event happened towards the end of the trip when we were about to get on a small plane to fly to a new destination. Pat noticed an information plate on the side of the plane and commented that she had read about these planes in a tourist book; they had been manufactured in Czechoslovakia and the book warned tourists to avoid them because they were prone to mishaps. By this time, Barry was risk desensitized and I was in a panic. I have a bit of a fear of airplanes anyway and this set me off. Barry and Pat walked up the planes steps ahead of me, laughing, and I could barely get my legs to work. The plane was full, about thirty passengers and the entire back of the passenger cabin was filled with suitcases. I sat next to a German woman who didn’t speak any English. She took one look at my face and kept patting my arm and telling me everything was fine (in German). Obviously, we made it and since then, I have become risk desensitized to airplanes.

And now I am off again to a destination I have waited years to see. Pat and I are certain this will be a memorable trip. We are going to see old and new Havana, Hemingway’s home, the village of Viñuales Valley, and much more. Best of all, we are going to have an opportunity to visit a sewing factory and meet women who live and work in Cuba. We might be a little late to see the really old Cuba because I understand it is already overrun by tourists but I don’t think the environment has changed much. As I have for every trip I’ve taken, I will make memories and write stories. Watch for my next essay which will be about (you guessed it!) Cuba!